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Hahn: Responsibility is needed

Johannes Hahn; Photo: European Council

BRUSSELS – It is inappropriate for the head of state to refuse to talk with the prime minister or with the foreign minister, in order not to receive first-hand information, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Johannes Hahn said in an interview with MIA.

“I think the prime minister and the foreign minister have fully respected the constitutional guidelines and I can only urge the president to take responsibility immediately. This is not a matter of acceptance, but in a democracy we can expect to hear people discuss among themselves and should not forget that the head of state is in some way a model for many people in the country. The president, directly elected, has a special position and responsibility, and he should be aware of this, otherwise he hurts the office of the president”, Hahn says.

He also told the opposition that they should carefully study the agreement.

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