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May: Agreement with Greece opens doors to EU and NATO for Macedonia

Theresa May; Photo: Chris Radburn/PA via AP

SKOPJE – In a letter to Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, UK Prime Minister, Theresa May congratulated Macedonia on reaching an agreement with Greece, as well as the ratification agreement reached in Parliament, announced the Government.

“Such a meaningful achievement would not have been possible without political courage, vision and leadership, as the two of you have shown. As we discussed before in Skopje, resolving this issue will bring enormous benefits to the two countries, as well as the greater region”, reads the letter from Prime Minister Theresa May.

She added in her letter, that finally, after 25-years of the long-standing dispute, the wishes of the majority of citizens, who want to see their country become NATO and EU members, will open the doors for these aspirations.

She pledged the United Kingdom’s support for Macedonia’s bid to join NATO.

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