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Zaev: If the referendum fails, I will resign

Zoran Zaev; Photo: European Commission

SKOPJE – Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, in an interview with the channel “1 TV “, said he was certain that the referendum regarding the agreement with Greece would succeed, but if it does not, he would resign.

“I will resign if the referendum fails in Macedonia, but I am certain that it will be successful. I expect tremendous support from the citizens and serious percentages of support, 77 to 85 percent, according to the percentage of citizens who have declared if they are for the EU and NATO”, Zaev said.

He also said that citizens have no choice, because Macedonia has no alternative, but just to confirm that they want their country to be a member of the EU and NATO.

“I am convinced that the citizens will make a decision concerning European future, for themselves and for the other generations. The decision is simple, the path for the EU and NATO is one-way”, the prime minister said.

Zaev added that the ruling coalition had not yet considered formulation of the referendum issue, but stressed that it would be linked to the name decision with both, the EU and NATO.

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