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Third Regional Youth Forum – Messages for the London Summit

Third Regional Youth Forum; Photo: Tanjug / Jugoslav Pap

NOVI SAD – Third Regional Youth Forum, which should provide within the framework of the dialog permanent models of future regional cooperation based on reconciliation and mutual understanding, was opened today in Novi Sad.

The general sponsor of the forum is Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, who said in her opening remarks that she is an optimist for the Western Balkans region, and that she believes that there is a chance that the region will become a place where investors will come and invest.

“I have to be optimistic about the region. I think that there are many chances ahead of us. Certainly, this is an interesting region, full of history, culture and tradition, but is also full of young, creative people. There are many interesting projects, so I believe that if we are clever politically and if all of you, young people, activate yourself enough to make that extra energy and pressure – I think that big things are possible”, Brnabić said.

The Forum has brought together about 200 young leaders from the region this year and is part of the official program of the upcoming Summit in London, who will be held on 9th and 10th July.

Conclusions from this forum will be presented at the annual Summit held within the Berlin Process, but also at the eighth Belgrade Security Forum and the Bled Strategic Forum.

Mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, said at the opening of the Forum that Novi Sad is a city where it is easily for people to understand each other and it is even easier to overcome all misunderstandings.

He also emphasized that he is convinced that the young people participating in this year’s forum are ready to take responsibility and initiative and are, as he pointed out, ready to build a common European future together with their peers.

As he said, Novi Sad has always been a city in which we are hearing, understanding and respecting each other, a city in which no one is looking who you are and where are you from, but what kind of person you are and when someone is looking for a city where it is easy to understand and where it is even easier to bridge misunderstandings – the choice is Novi Sad, he says.

“If you choose Novi Sad or Novi Sad has chosen you, your goal is to build a common future based on the highest human and European values. I am confident that success is inevitable. I am convinced that you are ready to take responsibility and initiative and are ready to build a common European future together with your peers,” Vučević said.

Third Regional Youth Forum is organized by European Movement in Serbia – Local Council Novi Sad, Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence and European Fund for the Balkans, in partnership with Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) – Open Regional Fund for South East Europe to Promote EU Integration and Regional Youth Cooperation Office.

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