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Bushati: NATO’s invitation to Skopje, important for our region

Ditmir Bushati

TIRANA – “The invitation that NATO extended to Skopje to start the membership negotiations is crucial for our region and reconfirms its open-door policy. The Alliance recognizes the strategic dimension of the Western Balkans”, said Albania’s Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Ditmir Bushati.

Bushati, in an interview with a televised broadcast, said: “With respect to our region, we attach high importance to the invitation that the Alliance extended to Skopje to start the accession negotiations as well as the call of Alliance to Skopje to build a multiethnic society in the spirit of the Ohrid agreement.”

“As a matter of fact Albania has insisted since 2014 on putting special emphasis on the element of interaction and interethnic harmony and we are glad that our neighbour will embark on this path. We feel encouraged by the reforms that have been launched so far and are hopeful that North Macedonia-to-be will join the Alliance soon. Furthermore, the Alliance recognizes the strategic dimension of the Western Balkans and commends the ambitions of Kosovo to establish closer relations with it”, Bushati said.

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