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Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue

Two separate sessions of Kosovo’s parliament are taking place today

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PRISTINA – Two separate sessions of parliament are taking place today in Pristina. The first one was called by the government of Ramush Haradinaj and its agenda consists of government’s proposal for a new negotiating team planned to lead the dialogue with Belgrade, led by Fatmir Limaj. The second one, initiated by the opposition, will discuss a draft resolution on preventing President Thaçi from further representing Kosovo in the dialogue.

All this created a confusion in Kosovo’s parliament and public, and the opposition thinks that Haradinaj’s unexpected decision to form a negotiating team last night was intended to prevent the adoption of the announced resolution.

Haradinaj’s decision is also interpreted as the lack of confidence in Thaçi, Kosovo’s media reported.

The most influential opposition party, Democratic League of Kosovo, as well as Vetëvendosje, decided to boycott government’s session.

Haradinaj retaliated with the announcement that the ruling parties will not attend the second session, called by opposition.

According to Koha, after Haradinaj’s government formed a new team for the dialogue last night, many questions have been opened.

Prime Minister was not able to explain the mandate of government’s team, that is whether it is going to be the only body representing Pristina in the final phase of the dialogue or it is going to work in parallel to Thaçi or, maybe, with him.


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