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Berton: Demarcation debate is not connected to Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO – “There is no connection between Serbia-Kosovo demarcation and the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Territorial integrity of BiH is undisputable”, stated Bruce Berton, Chief of the OSCE Mission in BiH, for N1.

He assessed that insisting on the problem is a part of the election campaign and urged politicians to concentrate on everyday-life issues.

According to him, current crises are artificial and are not caused by any real instability.

Talking about the amendments to the Election law, Berton emphasised that there is a possibility of a political deadlock because of them.

He therefore called the leaders to participate in a dialogue, adding that it is a crucial thing for the reforms and that it currently leaves a lot to be desired, especially now when elections are near.

Berton mentioned education and respecting the rights of refugees as the topics that deserve more attention.

“Education is very politicized in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The children are suffering the most from it. Segregation exists in both entities. We will publish a report on ‘two schools under one roof'”, Berton announced.

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