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Kocijančič: Negotiations need to continue

Maja Kocijančič

BRUSSELS – Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Maja Kocijančič stated today that EU expects both Serbia and Kosovo to continue the dialogue with same commitment and engagement as before, Beta reports.

Asked if a change of borders is an option for a permanent solution, she pointed out that EU has stressed the principles of the negotiations very clearly.

“EU is working on an agreement based on the international law, which would be realistic and acceptable to both sides. The goal is a legally binding agreement that would solve all open issues”, Kocijančič added.

She also emphasised that EU has increased its engagement towards the Western Balkans and that the dialogue has entered a second, more dynamic phase, but that there should be no discussion about potential deadlines.

Referring to the speech given by the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić in Kosovo, Kocijančič underlined that “no space for ambiguity or praise to the politics and actions of (former President of Serbia and Yugoslavia) Milošević should be left”, adding that the verdicts of domestic and international courts are more than clear in this case.

“Reconciliation, normalisation and good neighbourly relations will be possible only when the politics of past are overcome and abandoned”, she concluded.

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