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Vučić: We would need guaranteed EU membership in 2025 for any deal with Kosovo

Aleksandar Vučić; Photo: European Union

BELGRADE – President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić stated in an interview for Reuters that if his country is ever to reach a deal with Pristina, it would need clear guarantees that it would access EU in 2025.

However, he said he recognizes the feeble prospects for that idea, since the campaign for next year’s European Parliament elections has already started.

“The citizens of EU would not want to hear about Serbia joining the Union during the campaign”, he pointed out.

Vučić emphasised the complexity of the potential agreement, saying that it certainly does not boil down to a “simple” exchange of territories.

“It would also have to include a resolution of our EU path and further economic progress”, he said, stressing that reaching an agreement could even take 10 years due to multiple disagreements between the sides.

Referring to the apparent disagreement on whether changes of borders are allowed between Germany on one side, and the EU and US on the other, he said that the deal would need support from all global actors.

“No one in the region should be afraid of any deal between Serbs and Albanians”, Vučić concluded, adding that it will bring stability, strength and economic prosperity to the Western Balkans.

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