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German Ambassador to Serbia: We are skeptical about border change

BELGRADE – New Ambassador of Germany to Serbia, Thomas Schieb, stated that Chancellor Angela Merkel has in multiple occasions made clear that this country does not support a change of border between Kosovo and Serbia.

In an interview for Serbian daily Danas, Schieb emphasised that it would be good if a comprehensive normalisation agreement between Serbia and Kosovo was finalized as soon as possible. However, it depends on the two sides. He also expressed his satisfaction with the fact that President Vučić’s visit to Kosovo was relatively peaceful.

Ambassador did not agree with the claims that “the Berlin process is dead”. He highlighted a number of projects supported by his country: infrastructure, rebuilding of hospitals and schools, Regional youth cooperation office, as well as security cooperation and funding of research.

Asked about Serbia’s progress in closing Chapters 23 and 24, Schieb reminded that this year’s report assessed that there had been “some progress”, as well as that some important laws were voted in the parliament afterwards and that there will be another round-table discussion on the judiciary reform on 18 September.

“It is necessary that the situation improves”, said the Ambassador on the topic of media freedom in Serbia, adding that media laws from 2014 need to be fully implemented.

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