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Stoltenberg to Macedonia: We are waiting for you in NATO

Jens Stoltenberg; Photo: NATO

SKOPJE – In a video message to Macedonia, published by the country’s government, Secretary General spoke to citizens one week before the referendum on the name Agreement.

“The historic Agreement on the name issue unlocks the possibility of the membership of international community, including full NATO membership”, he said.

“NATO membership will give you and your children the full security that comes with being a member of the world’s most successful alliance, and it will give your country and equal voice in our discussions and an equal say in our decisions”, stated Stoltenberg.

“It is now time to make your voices heard. This is once in a lifetime opportunity. NATO’s door is open, but only the people of your country can decide to walk through it, so your future is in your hands. We wait for you in NATO”, he concluded.

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