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Macedonia: Referendum campaign finishes today as election silence begins

SKOPJE – Public advertising related to the Sunday referendum in Macedonia ends this evening at midnight. All activities of the participating parties should also finish by the end of the day.

The Coalition “Come Out FOR a European Macedonia” will hold its final rally in Tetovo, the Besa Movement will do the same in Skopje’s municipality of Chair, while the Alliance of the Albanians have announced several press conferences. A press conference was announced by a coordinative body against the referendum at the World Macedonian Congress, which is calling out for a boycott of the referendum.

The Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services announced that the “Your opinion is your right” campaign led by the State Election Commission is allowed, since campaigns of public interest do not fall under the same category as referendum advertising. Therefore, it can be broadcasted on Friday and Saturday even though the election silence will start a day before.

According to the SEC, the pre-referendum silence has to start exactly 48 hours before the referendum day.

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