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Wall Street Journal: US and EU ignore Germany, support correction of borders

Vučić, Mogerini i Tači; Foto: Twitter / Maja Kocijančič

WASHINGTON – In a memorandum allegedly published by the European External Action Service, EU expresses its support to the correction of borders solution proposed by Presidents Vučić and Thaçi, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The document is a proof that EU and US aligned their positions towards the issue, with the Union’s executive body accepting Washington’s solution, and rejecting the one from Berlin, paper claims.

German leaders strongly oppose the exchange of territories, because they fear it would encourage ethnicity-based separatism in countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, the paper reminds. United Kingdom and Luxembourg have also expressed their reservations.

On the other hand, it seems that EU officials have come to the conclusion that even this kind of solution will bring more benefits than harms to the region.

The memorandum seemingly warns about the possibilities of radicalization and the rise of criminal activity in Kosovo if status quo is maintained.

For the first time in history, Kosovo and Serbia will freely solve their differences through dialogue, independent from external influence, the document reads.

Referring to the last point, Wall Street Journal writes about the apparent irritation uncompromising position of German Chancellor Angela Merkel caused in Brussels.

State Department and US Embassy in Belgrade declined to comment for the paper.

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