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AfD demands a referendum before further EU enlargement

German Bundestag; Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Jürgen Matern

BERLIN – The biggest opposition group in German parliament, Alternative for Germany (AfD), demands a referendum in this country for the membership of the Western Balkan countries in the EU.

MP Siegbert Droese stated that accession of the Western Balkans to the EU will lead to changes “in the direction of the Balkanisation of the EU, which we absolutely do not want to go through without asking our people whether they are in favour”.

Therefore, AfD will soon organise a public referendum on that issue, said Droesse, DPA reports.

According to him, Alternative for Germany thinks that Juncker’s date for accepting new members, 2025, is completely illusory in counterproductive.

Almost all Western Balkan countries have structural problems with corruption and organised crime, said Droesse, reminding that he and his country support accession of the Western Balkans on principle, provided that many conditions, such as independent judiciary, are met.

AfD’s MP Harald Weyel thinks that some sort of Western Balkan Union, which would be excluded from any EU solution, is some sort of an option.

He regards it as a “plan B or C, or perhaps, even more likely, plan A”.

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