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Pence to Zaev: You have my continuous support

Zoran Zaev and Mike Pence; Photo: Government of Macedonia

SKOPJE – In a letter to Prime Minister of Macedonia, Vice President of the United States Mike Pence remarked that the citizens of Macedonia approved the agreement with Greece and reaffirmed his support to the implementation of the document, N1 reports.

“Of those who voted in referendum, 90% approved Prespa agreement and thus reaffirmed huge commitment to the European future of the country. Be sure that you have my continuous support in this important moment for your country”, wrote Pence in a letter published by the Government of Macedonia.

Pence wrote to Zaev that United States share his commitment to the enhanced security and stability of the region and that it was an honor for him to meet with Macedonian PM in Washington on 20 September and discuss the implementation of the historic agreement between Macedonia and Greece.

Vice President of the United Stated emphasised that he expects further improvement of the relations between the two countries.


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