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Gruevski granted asylum in Hungary, Macedonia demands extradition

Nikola Gruevski; Photo: VMRO-DPMNE

BUDAPEST/SKOPJE – Former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski posted yesterday on his Facebook profile that he had been granted an asylum in Hungary, N1 reported.

“Today, Hungary, a member state of EU and NATO, answered positively to my request for granting a political asylum because of political persecution in Macedonia”, Gruevski wrote.

“In my request, I have stated that the Government wants to deprive me of freedom by using undemocratic steps and methods, abusing prosecution and judicial system in Macedonia”, he added.

Gruevski had been sentenced to two years in prison for abusing the power of his office to purchase a luxury vehicle.

A few hours later, Macedonian Government officially demanded extradition of Gruevski from Hungarian authorities.

“We expect the authorities in Budapest to unconditionally accept the extradition request and enable the return of Gruevski to Macedonia to serve his prison sentence and answer for the other things he has been charged with,” read the Government’s press release.

It also denied any political persecution or threats, and stressed that the trial against Gruevski had been public and transparent.

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