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Mogherini: Solution for Serbia-Kosovo relations should not lead to monoethnic states

Federica Mogherini in Sarajevo © European Union , 2017 / Photo: Elvis Barukcic

BRUSSELS – EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy expects of the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue to continue and hopes it will lead to a positive outcome.

“A positive outcome would be a legally binding agreement that would solve all open issues of normalisation of relations”, said Mogherini.

Following yesterday’s meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, she assessed that Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and reaching a positive solution have full support within the EU.

“We offer them support, space and advice, and it is up to them to define the agenda, speed and depth of the talks, including the outcome of the dialogue”, said Mogherini.

High Representative said that EU will welcome any solution that comprehensivly covers all open questions in the context of normalisation of relations, in a legally binding way and with respect to the principles of international and EU law.

“That means no ethnic divisions between countries should take place. Whichever solution is considered in the future, it should not lead to monoethnic states”, concluded Mogherini.

She emphasised that the tariffs imposed on Serbian and BiH’s goods by Kosovo represent a big problem for the dialogue, which should be lead in the atmosphere of mutual trust or at least respect.

Swift formation of government necessary in BiH

Reflecting on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mogherini stated that it is necessary to incentivize political leaders in the country to take responsibility and quickly form governments that will implement reform agendas.

She added that the post-election difficulties were expected.

“BiH is a specifically organised country, but I am sure that its leaders and people can move forward towards reforms, in a unique way”, said High Representative.

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