Tuesday, 24. November 2020

Albanian becomes the second official language in Macedonia

Skopje; Photo: WikiComons/Raso mk

SKOPJE – Last night, the Speaker of the Macedonian Parliament Talat Xhaferri revealed on his Facebook profile that he has sent the Law on use of languages to be published by the Official Gazette.

In the announcement that was written both in Macedonian and Albanian, Xhaferri wrote: “The Law on use of languages is published by the Official Gazette.”

The Law stipulates that the Albanian language and alphabet are regarded as official in the Republic of Macedonia.

It was passed twice in the Parliament, on the 11 January and the 14 March 2018 (with the majority of 64 out of 120 votes), but the President of the country, Gjorge Ivanov, refused to sign it, stating that it was against the Constitution.

Ivanov has refused twice to sign the Law on the use of languages that the parliamentary majority, consisting of SDSM and DUI, with the support of the Albanian oppositions and with the absence of the VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs, have voted in favor of the law twice.

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