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Members of European Parliament nominate Tsipras and Zaev for Nobel Peace Prize

Zaev and Tsipras; Photo: Government of Macedonia

BRUSSELS – Leaders of three parliamentary groups – Socialists and Democrats (S&D), Greens and United European Left-Nordic Green Left (GUE-NGL) have nominated Prime Ministers of Greece and Macedonia Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev for a Nobel Peace Prize, Al Jazeera Balkans reports.

Parliaments of both countries have ratified the Prespa Agreement reached last June, with Greek MPs casting their final votes on Friday. The Government of Macedonia is now expected to notify international organisations and EU member states about the change of its official name to the Republic of North Macedonia.

Udo Bullman (S&D), Ska Keller (Greens) and Gabbi Zimmer (GUE-NGL) emphasised in a joint statement that the Agreement concludes a long dispute and contributes to the stability of the region of the Western Balkans.

According to them, the Agreement is “a model for peaceful resolution of international disputes through dialogue and mutual compromise”. They stressed Tsipras’s and Zaev’s political courage in their insistence on a dialogue despite the opposition of nationalists in both countries.

The initiative comes as a support to the original suggestion that Tsipras and Zaev should be nominated for the Prize, which was proposed by former laureate Wided Bouchamaoui in December last year.

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