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Acting Foreign Minister of Albania Gent Cakaj meets with EU officials in Brussels

Gent Cakaj and Federica Mogherini; Photo: Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania

BRUSSELS – Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania Gent Cakaj has spent the past two days in Brussels, where he met with European Commissioner for Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, as well as the representatives of member countries at the Council, in the COWEB group.

During the meeting with Hahn, Cakaj discussed he progress of reforms related to the European agenda and expectations for a positive assessment of them in the Commission’s report and decision-making of member countries in June.

The Acting Minister praised the importance of a fair and positive report by the European Commission on the progress of five key priorities, which will serve as a solid basis for Council’s decision-making.

He underlined the fact that a positive decision of the Council to open membership negotiations would provide an encouraging message by pushing for a new dynamic not only for Albania but also for the region.

Commissioner Hahn encouraged the continuation of reforms and expressed his support for further advancement of the country on the European path as a national interest that should overcome daily conflicts and political party interest.

Today, Minister Cakaj praised the special contribution of Mrs. Mogherini to promote Albania’s progress towards European Union membership, especially the important role in supporting the European perspective of our region.

Mr. Cakaj reconfirmed the determination of the Albanian government to pursue the pace of reforms in order to further consolidate sustainable results on the European agenda that will enable the opening of EU membership talks. He assessed that the decision to start negotiations will give a new impetus not only for our country, but will also encourage a more positive dynamics in the region.

The EU High Representative praised the achievements so far in the five priorities set by the European Union, especially in the field of justice. Mrs. Mogherini showed interest in the recent situation in Albania and stressed the need for political maturity and national accountability in this key period of the integration process.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Minister Cakaj and High Representative Mogherini agreed to intensify interaction and cooperation during the remaining months in view of achieving Albania’s priority objective of opening membership talks.

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