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Scaparrotti: Russia wants to impede Balkans progress in Euro-Atlantic integrations

Western Balkans countries' flags during Berlin process
Western Balkans countries' flags during Berlin process

The commander of NATO forces in Europe, US General Curtis Scaparrotti emphasized the “fragility” of security situation in Balkans, adding that the region is the main target of Russia’s “malignant” influence.

Acording to Scaparrotti negotiations about normalizing relations and reaching a lasting solution are expected between Belgrade and Priština.

“Russia” feeds “regional resentment in order to prevent Balkans from achieving progress in Euro-Atlantic integration,” Scaparrotti said in his address to the US Senate Armed Services Committee.

According to Scaparrotti, Russia is opposed to Kosovo’s independence. Additionally, the main goal of its political, economic and military support to Serbia is maintaining its influence over Belgrade.

“The Kosovo Force (KFOR), which consists of 3,500 members of the NATO military, plays an important role in maintaining security and stability in the region,” Scaparrotti added.

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