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Tirana: Thousands of people take on the streets, demand Rama’s resignation

TIRANA – Thousands of supporters of Albanian opposition have gathered once again in front of the Parliament demanding the resignation of the Government over alleged corruption and crime.

The Parliament building in Albania’s capital Tirana was surrounded by hundreds of police officers and barbed wire.

Two weeks ago, demonstrators attacked the prime minister’s office with iron bars and petrol bombs. As an answer to this, police fired tear gas in order to push back the protestors. Several people, including journalists were hurt.

Demands include resignation of Edi Rama and early elections.

The European union, United States and international organizations called on all sides to talk and try to avoid the violence and further unrest.

Nevertheless, members of the opposition Democratic Party left the parliament, and the opposition promised to gather whenever the parliament holds sessions.

Members of the Lulzim Basha’s Democratic Party, as well as the Socialist Movement for Integration, have resigned from their parliamentary post on 20 February.

Prime Minister Edi Rama called for a dialogue with the opposition but underlined that he is not going to negotiate on democracy, parliamentarism and a mandate received from a majority of citizens.

The ruling Socialists have 74 MPs in the 140-seat parliament.

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