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Matić: Roaming elimination in the region by 2021

Western Balkans countries' flags during Berlin process
Western Balkans countries' flags during Berlin process

BELGRADE – Serbian State Secretary of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Tatjana Matić said that Roaming agreement between countries of Western Balkans would be signed in less than a month.

As she pointed outcall prices will become lower for 25% starting from the 1st of July. Furthermore, it is expected that roaming prices in the region become the same as prices in the domestic traffic.

“Serbia has signed an agreement with Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2014. We are in the regime of reducing prices but the plan is to reduce them even more. The prices cannot be more then 0,19 euros, which is around 22 dinars”, Matić said.

Even though it is planned that Western Balkans countries sign the agreement on the Second Digital Summit taking place in Belgrade from 4th till 5th of April, it is still unknown when the agreement would be signed.

“At this moment the date for signing the agreement remains under question, due to the fact that new contract includes Albania and the whole territory of Kosovo and Metohija”, Matić explained.

What is more important then the signing date is the larger reduction which would refer to the new Member States of the agreement.

“The phone call in Albania costs 150 dinars which is a significant reduction”, State Secretary gave an example.

The main plain is the total disappearance of roaming.

“The plain is that roaming disappears from the 1st of July, which is not so far away”, Matić said.

According to Matić this is the first step in reducing roaming prices in countries of European Union as well.

She pointed out that this initiative is the part of Berlin process which main core is regional cooperation and moving region closer to EU.


Beside the reduction of roaming prices, this process also includes other initiatives as well such as an initiative about informational security.


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