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Vučić: German officials informed me that they called out Pristina to revoke tariffs

Aleksandar Vučić; Photo: European Union

BELGRADE – President of Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met with Merkel’s Foreign Policy Advisors. In the light of the meeting he said that new shifts are expected during the month of April.

According to Vučić, German officials have informed him that they called out Pristina to revoke tariffs, but he does not expect Pristina would such a thing.

He talked with German officials about Pristina and Belgrade, tariffs, recently adopted platform by Kosovo’s Assembly, adding that those who imposed taxes consider to have a huge internal political support.

They also talked how to save stability and peace and how to inpede further escalation.

Commentting on the reporter’s question why Serbia does not have a platform, Vučić said: “When you make a platform similar to Pristina’s one, when you set up a tribunal for Albanians who raped Serbian girls, it is clear that there would not been any agreement. Serbia is fighting for different investments for further econimic improvment. Not imposing reciprocal measures, Serbia is showing greater responsibility. There would be nothing else to count on if we had not been acting like this. If you do not want an agreement, them make platforms”, he claimed.

Vučić underlined that Serbia wants compromise and agreement.


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