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BiH officials agreed on 10 principles for establishing the government

SARAJEVO – Milorad Dodik, Dragan Čović, and Bakir Izetbegović, leaders of SNSD, HDZ and SDA agreed on 10 principles for establishing the government on the BiH level.

Implementing and respecting General Framework for Peace with its eleven annexes, plus European convention on human rights is the first principles, writes Srna.

Respecting sovereignty and territorial independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the second principles, which would be the greatest guarantee for peace and stability.

Accession process should be continued in line with the Constitution and laws; attitudes and interests should be in coordination with all the levels of power in BiH.

There should be provided an equal representation of all constitution people in all institutions.

Appropriate conditions for BiH institutions ot take full sovereignty so the mandate of OHR could end in BiH, should be provided as well.

The seventh principle is addressed to the development of commerce and industry. Building digital, energetic and transport infrastructures are strategically important for BiH and region.

Measures for safe retirement of refugees and displaces people is part of the eighth principle, while the ninth deals with providing independent rule of law.

The 10th principle underlines good neighborhood relations with Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro, resolving open questions related to the reciprocal principles, respecting international law.

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