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Thaçi: Only a peace agreement will bring prosperity in the region

Hashim Thaçi; Photo: Office of The President of Kosovo

An agreement to normalise relations between Serbia and Kosovo along the lines of the historic deal between Greece and North Macedonia is still possible in 2019, despite severe setbacks in recent months, says the president of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi in his interview with Guardian.

“We have to sit down even with our arch enemies, but without any preconditions, and try to listen to each other”, Thaçi, points out ahead of a conference in Berlin on 29 April.

Regarding the 100% tariffs imposed on goods from Serbia, Thaçi says there is no plan to lift the tariffs but he stresses the need for quick progress.

International hesitancy and mixed messages were “creating space for nationalists and populists on both sides of the border”, he underlines adding they hear too rarely about principles, standards and values.

“In current circumstances, with these tensions, I do not see why any foreign investors would come and invest in our region. Only a peace agreement will bring prosperity”, he emphasizes.

Talking about “border demarcation” and would it be part of any comprehensive mutual recognition agreement,  he stresses “there can be no borders on ethnic lines. It’s impossible. Both Kosovo and Serbia will remain multi-ethnic states.”

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