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Fajon: I will continue to support Western Balkans towards EU path

Tanja Fajon; Photo: European Parliament

PODGORICA – Enlargement policy is the EU “soft power” and its mean of stability, thinks MEPs Tanja Fajon.

“Enlargement is one of the most EU successful policies and what differs it from other global powers”, says Fajon in the interview with Pobjeda.

According to her, the problem is that people inside of the EU are not aware of the advantage this policy brings. What they see in it is only a danger.

Dealing with Western Balkans is a challenge but at the same time responsibility. If she gets the third mandate she will continue to support Balkans until it becomes the EU member.

“I find challenging to deal with Western Balkans, but it is also something I am truly committed to. Sometimes it is hard to defend Western Balkans countries interests especially when we talk about the EU and to understand both sides”, she points out.

European Western Balkans, which reports on European integration, ranked her first among ten MEPs who, by their engagement, have made a lot of Western Balkans EU integration. For her, this is an honour and recognition but a responsibility as well.

“I will continue to deal with Western Balkans if I get the third mandate. I would like that negotiation to become faster, and progress stronger which would mean fast reforms and making the legislation more similar to EU. Resolving open political problems as well”, says Fajon.

Nevertheless, some EU members are against accession to Western Balkans. France has become more reserved recently, Netherland as well. Fajon thinks it is a combination of challenges and problems EU deals with from migrants to terrorism and Brexit and the rise of right – populist agenda. It is very important that new EP formation has more members who will be for further EU enlargement.

Fajon hopes she will not weak up in Europe which would be led by right wings.

“I would like to bring enlargement on the top of the EU agenda and I am convinced that in the long run, this would bring positive outcomes. I will certainly continue to support Western Balkans towards its EU path”, concludes Fajon.

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