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Cabinet of Commissioner Hahn confirms: Enlargement Package to be published on May 29

BRUSSELS – Despite some information that 2019 Enlargement Package is going to be postponed, the European Western Balkans finds out that the adoption and publication of the Enlargement package are scheduled, as foreseen, on May 29.

The Cabinet of Commissioner Johannes Hahn confirmed for the European Western Balkans that the publication of 2019 Enlargement package will be on next Wednesday, as planned.

There has been some information on postponement today, due to the fact that there is a very short period of time between May 29 (when the publication is scheduled) and June 18 (when the ministerial meeting should take place), where the Member States should decide on opening negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia.

As EWB earlier announced, extraordinary European Parliament’s Committee of Foreign Affairs’ (AFET) meeting, where Commissioner Hahn will present 2019 Enlargement Package, will be held on May 29, it is announced in the official AFET agenda. The meeting, which will be held just a few days after the EU elections, is scheduled for 11:00.

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