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German parliament postpones discussion on opening negotiations with Skopje and Tirana

German Bundestag; Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Jürgen Matern

BERLIN – German parliament failed to hold a discussion on support to opening of accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania, leaving the government without mandate to approve opening of negotiations with the two countries this month, reports Balkan Insight.

Since the MPs are going for the summer recess, the earliest possible opportunity for the decision will present itself in September.

According to Democratization Policy Council (DPC), a Berlin-based think tank, the ruling CDU/CSU parliamentary group declared not having enough time to review European Commission Reports on North Macedonia and Albania for this week’s parliamentary session, the last one before June 20-21 EU summit.

DPC also claimed that the group is hostile to Albania’s integration and that a compromise solution should consist of decoupling of North Macedonia and Albania and giving the green light only to the former country, since its reforms were more positively assessed by the Commission.

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