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Kosovo still in limbo after Haradinaj’s resignation, government continues to convene

PRISTINA – Following his resignation from the position of Prime Minister and return from Hague, where he was questioned for his role as a commander of KLA, Ramush Haradinaj has carried on as an acting head of government. After rounds of criticism, he sent the request to the Constitutional Court to interpret the competences and functionality of the government on Monday.

Haradinaj’s move to call a new Government’s meeting has triggered reaction of opposition political parties and civil society representatives who dispute his legal competencies of convening the Government after resignation, Gazeta Express reports.

However, it is not clear that the Court will respond positively to the request of Acting Prime Minister, since the question is not a part of the issues Constitution prescribes the Court can interpret.

At the same time, Haradinaj has called the President of Kosovo and the leaders of parliamentary parties to take the necessary steps leading to snap elections, KoSSev reports.

The elections cannot be called until the ruling MPs hand over their mandates to the Presidents or 81 MPs of the Kosovo Assembly does not vote for the dissolution of the parliament.

This is the first time since the declaration of independence that the Prime Minister of Kosovo has resigned. Since the Law on the Government has not been adopted yet, Pristina is currently in limbo.

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