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Sabeta: KFOR is ready to guarantee security to all Kosovo residents on election day

Photo: Flickr / KFOR Kosovo

BELGRADE / PRISTINA – KFOR is always aware of the situation and regularly conducts security assessments, KFOR spokesman Pio Sabeta told to Serbian daily newspaper Danas.

Commenting on the statement of President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić that there is a possibility for incidents in Kosovo in the fall, Sabeta said that the security situation is the result of many factors, and anything that can affect it is monitored on a regular basis to determine the necessary measures.

Asked if KFOR has any knowledge of the Albanian terrorist organisation B-13, which some media in Serbia report that it plans to attack Serbs in North Mitrovica and Zubin Potok ahead of the Kosovo elections, Sabeta points out for Danas that KFOR, in line with its mandate “has no role in conducting the rule of law or law enforcement in Kosovo and is not involved in the fight against terrorism, as it is not in accordance with its mandate, but KFOR is closely and constantly monitoring the situation.”

“KFOR contributes to ensuring a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all citizens of Kosovo, in an impartial manner, regardless of their ethnicity, and remains committed to the security and stability of Kosovo,” says Sabeta for Danas, emphasising that KFOR stands ready to guarantee the safety of all residents on election day.

Sabeta says the security situation in Kosovo is calm and under control, and that KFOR is cooperating with all local and international security organisations.

“Should there be a warning of any kind about a potential endangering of the security situation, KFOR stands ready to take the necessary steps to safeguard Kosovo’s security, in close cooperation with Kosovo Police and EULEX, for the benefit of every citizen living in Kosovo,” stresses Sabeta for Danas.

Pio Sabeta took over the post of KFOR spokesman last month after his compatriot Vincenzo Grasso stepped down. Sabeta was already a spokesman for NATO troops in Kosovo in 2005 and also worked at SFOR between 1996 and 1998.

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