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EUFOR in BiH prepared for a “hard Brexit”

EUFOR's celebration of Europe Day; Photo: EUFOR

BANJALUKA – Even though the exit of United Kingdom from the European Union could have ramifications for European military mission in BiH, EUFOR has assured the public that it is prepared for Brexit.

“Hard Brexit will have ramifications for EUFOR Mission and Operation Althea. However, we have taken precautionary measures so that we can maintain EUFOR’s operational efficiency through support of EU’s institutions and member states”, EUFOR stated for Nezavisne.

The Mission adds that the United Kingdom is only one of 20 EU countries which is contributing to the troops, and that all are completely committed to support to EUFOR.

It adds that France and Portugal have re-joined EUFOR.

According to Nezavisne, British troops are stationed within EUFOR as a part of arrangement with the EU, and exit from the European block without a deal all means that all arrangements, including this one, would cease to oblige without a swap with appropriate arrangements.

This problem has already been discussed in British House of Commons, and there is also worry in Brussels about how this problem will be solved.

UK Embassy to Bosnia and Herzgovina has stated to Nezavisne that it is working energetically and with determination to achieve an agreement with the EU before the exit on 31 October.

It has sent a comment of the UK Ministry of Defence PR Office, which highlights that the EUFOR Althea operation is important for contributing to a peaceful and stable environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“United Kingdom fully supports the aims of the operation highlighted in the Chapter VII of the United Nation’s Charter and Berlin Plus arrangement”, they emphasised.

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