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Dimitrov: I believe we will get the support from France

Nikola Dimitrov; Photo: European Union

SKOPJE – Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia Nikola Dimitrov expressed his expectation that France will approve the beginning of accession negotiations with his country in October.

“I believe that we will have the support of France as well”, Dimitrov stated for national television following the green light from Germany, Al Jazeera reports.

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France has expressed reservations for EU enlargement because it wants further EU reforms before it takes place.

However, Dimitrov stressed that he was “encouraged” after the meeting with the French high officials in Paris this month and that it is unbelievable for him that the President of France Emmanuel Macron would not support the beginning of the opening of negotiations.

“I honestly do not believe that one of Europe’s great leaders would make such a strategic mistake”, Dimitrov stated according to Al Jazeera.

He pointed out that the ratio of those who voted for and against the start of accession talks of North Macedonia in Germany was four to one, which is a signal to the member states that this issue should finally be taken care of.

European Council will vote on the decision during its October 17-18 meeting.

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