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Fajon: Electoral conditions in Serbia must be equal for all

Tanja Fajon; Photo: European Union

BELGRADE – Political situation and media scene in Serbia are far from ideal, said Tanja Fajon, new Chair of European Parliament’s Delegation to the EU-Serbia Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee for daily Danas.

Commenting on the possibility of European Parliament’s mediation in talks between the Serbian government and opposition on improving electoral conditions, she said that the goal of the process would be to normalise the situation, establish equal conditions for all and bring the talks to a politically appropriate place such as parliament.

Fajon added that the focus has to be on the authorities’ attitude towards the media and the opposition.

“We can say that the current situation in the media is polarized. There are certain media outlets, both printed and electronic, that are not free and serve to distribute information from only one side,” she said, adding that it is important to know were the money comes from as well as what the ownership structure of the media is.

Fajon commented on the political situation in the Western Balkans and stressed that the entire region has a common future in the European Union.

She also expressed expectations that in the near future Belgrade and Pristina will return to the negotiations and find a compromise solution.

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