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Dutch MPs file a motion to block the opening of EU accession talks with Albania

EU - Albania flags; Photo: Pixabay

THE HAGUE – Dutch Parliament supported opening of accession talks with North Macedonia but MPs filed a motion aimed at blocking the opening of EU accession talks with Albania on Thursday, Albanian Daily News reported.

The motion demands that the government votes against giving the date Albania, even under strict conditions, such as the ones stipulated by the German parliament.

According to this motion, Albania needs to make more progress in the fight against organized crime and corruption.

On Wednesday, Government of the Netherlands expressed its position that the country will not veto Albania if the other EU member states vote favour of starting negotiations. However, the Parliament might bind the government’s hands with this decision.

As Albanian Daily News emphasized, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that he believes that the Netherlands is opposed to the opening of negotiations because of its internal affairs.

„Whether or not to block opening of talks with Albania by the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a decision that will be made on the basis of France’s response, which is skeptical of Albania“, a source from Euronews Albania is quoted saying.

For the European Council to reach a positive decision on North Macedonia and Albania on 17-18 October, all member states must be on board.

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