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McAllister: We have failed our European friends and allies

David McAllister; Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – Following the postponement of opening EU accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee Chair David McAllister stated that this is a bad day for Europe, which was built on overcoming internal and external divisions.

“The European Union was not able to show leadership, courage and strategic vision. Failure to take bold decisions undermines the EU’s stability, predictability and credibility in the eyes of our partners and friends”, McAllister stated.

He added that the EU has failed a test of its ability to deliver on its commitments when its partners deliver on theirs.

“By failing to recognise the visionary leadership and painful, in-depth reforms and to deliver on our promises, the EU risks giving up its leverage and signalling that other actors are free to pursue their agenda in the region”, McAllister stressed.

“Our non-decisions have failed our European friends and allies. The window of opportunity opened up by the historic Prespa agreement and judicial reforms in Albania is now closing”, he added.

McAllister said that a small minority in the Council is responsible for the fact that Europe comes out divided, instead of advancing unity and reconciliation in the Western Balkans. These member states have also discredited the European Parliament’s position, which supports the unconditional opening of negotiations.

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