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Grenell welcomes mini-Schengen initiative, says Kosovo should be included

Ambassador Richard Grenell; Photo: Wikimedia Commons

BERLIN – “We welcome the Western Balkans’ ‘mini-Schengen’ initiative as a way to jump start the free movement of people and commerce”, reads the statement released by the US Embassy in Germany on Thursday.

However, it is stressed in the statement, “in order for the initiative to be successful, it must include everyone in the region, including the Government of Kosovo”.

“The Trump Administration is focused on helping the entire region create economic opportunities and jobs for young people”, quotes the statement.

Richard Grenell, the current US ambassador to Germany was appointed a special presidential envoy for the Belgrade-Pristina talks by the US President Donald Trump in October this year.

The implementation of mini-Shengen, a trade-zone initiative for the freedom of movement of goods, services, people and capital, initiated by the Prime Ministers of Albania and North Macedonia and the President of Serbia in October, is expected to begin by the end of 2019.

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