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NATO confirms that MAP of BiH does not prejudge the aspiration to join the Alliance

Photo: BiH Presidency

BRUSSELS – The Membership Action Plan (MAP) is a program of NATO advice, assistance and practical support that is tailored to the individual needs of each country and does not prejudice any decision to join the Alliance, stated NATO in a press release.

A statement published on the NATO website stresses that current participants in this program are Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia, and specifies that MAP participating countries submit individual annual national programs containing political, economic, security and legal aspects, as well as defence and resources.

Bosnia sank into a political deadlock after the last legislative elections in autumn 2018, when the formation of a new state-level government was blocked over disagreement on the country’s bid to join NATO.

However, the impasse was resolved earlier this week, when it was announced that the members of Presidency decided to give the mandate to form the government to Zoran Tegeltija, committing at the same time to send ANP to Brussels after its tenure begins.

Tegeltija in front of the Committee on Tuesday, in the Parliament in early December

Zoran Tegeltija, who has been nominated by the BiH Presidency as a candidate for chairman of the BiH Council of Ministers, said that he would answer questions of the Committee on Election and Appointment of the Council of Minister on Tuesday, Nezavisne reported.

“I will be ready to present my program to Parliament in the first week of December”, Tegeltija said, adding that his priority would be economy.

He emphasized that it was aggravating for the Council of Ministers that the blockade lasted for a year and that it would be necessary to adopt a budget for 2020 and to approve what is agreed in the BiH Parliament, in order to unblock these processes.

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