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Support for EU membership decreases in Montenegro

Podgorica; Photo: Wikimedia Commons

PODGORICA – According to the poll “Political Public Opinion of Montenegro“, 55 per cent of citizens believe that the country should be a member of the European Union, which is a historical minimum when it comes to the support for European integration of Montenegro, Vijesti reported.

“This is a historical minimum when it comes to supporting citizens to EU, ever since Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM)  began conduction research in October 2007,“ said Ognjen Marković Program Director of CEDEM.

He pointed out that the reasons for this result are multiple, stating that citizens perceive that the EU is in a deep crisis, due to Brexit and a slower accession process, which leads citizens to concluding that Montenegro’s potential accession will not take place any time soon.

Marković noted that citizens’ interest in NATO has decreased, stating that 42 per cent of respondents do not support it.

The survey found that 46.2% think Montenegro is going in the wrong direction.

„Since asking this question, for a period of 10 years, this is the most drastic situation in terms of how satisfied citizens are,“ said Milena Bešić, director of CEDEM, adding that this was expected after a turbulent year, that began with affairs and more aggressive political rhetoric.

She added that 31.4 per cent of citizens are dissatisfied with the work of the Government, but when it comes to institutions, the citizens of Montenegro have the highest confidence in the education system and the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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