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Kurti assigned a mandate to form the Kosovo government

PRISTINA – The president of the Self-Determination Movement, Albin Kurti, has been assigned a mandate to form the new Kosovo government in a Decree of the President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi, who announced the news on Facebook. “This is a very important step for the creation of new institutions and the constitutional deadline for the formation of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo begins today”, wrote Thaçi on Facebook. The President of Kosovo entrusted Kurti, who still does not have a majority for the new government, a mandate as a leader of a movement that received the most support in October parliamentary elections. Kurti now has 15 days to settle an agreement with the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (LDK) on forming the new government, four months after the elections. In case Kurti does not manage to secure a majority for forming the government, Thaçi will mandate another party, and if that attempt fails, new snap elections will be called in Kosovo.

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