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Commission delays the publication of the new enlargement methodology

European Commission; Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – The publication of a new European Commission methodology, which is intended to change the approach to membership negotiations with candidate countries has been postponed to February, the European Commission’s headquarters has confirmed, Radio Free Europe reports.

“The Commission is in the process of finalising the proposal and it will be presented in the coming weeks,” said the Spokesperson of the European Commission Ana Pisonero.

According to Radio Free Europe, the publication was unofficially announced for 29 January. However, the draft proposal is not finalised yet, and the next possible date is 5 February.

“With the new methodology, we want to make the enlargement process more credible, which means that if one party fulfills its obligations and the other party has to do its part. We want to have a process that will be beneficial for all parties – for both the Western Balkans and the EU institutions”, said Ana Pisonero.

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