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Borell to propose EU Special Envoy for WB on Monday, media report

Josep Borrell in Serbia; Photo: Tanjug / Rade Prelić

BRUSSELS – EU High Representative of the EU Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borell will present to EU foreign ministers (Foreign Affairs Council) the idea of appointing special envoy or representatives for Western Balkans on Monday, EU officials confirmed, Radio Free Europe reported.

The matter will be formally discussed for the first time at a ministerial meeting on Monday, although the possibility of appointment has been discussed for months.

According to Radio Free Europe, EU officials in the matter say it is unclear what the scope of the function will be, either geographically or politically. It remains unclear whether the representative will oversee the entire Western Balkans or only Kosovo and BiH, but it is understood that the Belgrade and Pristina dialogue will remain the focus of engaging the future representative.

According to a media report, Miroslav Lajčak could be elected to this position, but this media announcement has not been confirmed. This is not the first announcement that an EU envoy could be Miroslav Lajčak. Previously, the Belgrade daily Blic reported the same allegations, and then the President of Serbia commented that he did not rule out such a possibility.

As European sources announced, next Monday will mark only the beginning of the debate as things have yet to be clarified and the necessary procedures are followed. A formal appointment is expected as it is said later this year, but all procedures should be completed by spring.

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