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Kurti announces a partial lifting of the 100 percent import tariff in mid-March

Albin Kurti; Photo: Flickr / UPF International

PRISTINA – Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti on Thursday declared that his government would partially lift the 100-per-cent tariff imposed on imports from Serbia and Bosnia on 15 March, provoking a stormy reaction from his predecessor, Ramush Haradinaj, who accused him of deception, reports Balkan Insight.

At a press conference on February 27, Kurti said that he had consulted relevant institutions on the matter, and the tax would be only partially abolished. He also added that the tariffs would be partially removed “after meetings with [business] chambers and associations, and especially with domestic producers”.

A 100 percent tariff on imported goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina was imposed by the government of Kosovo in November 2018, in response to the fact that these two countries do not recognize Kosovo as an independent state. The international community, including the EU and the US, has been against the tariff and have called for their abolishment multiple times.

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