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Kurti writes to Trump and Pompeo, says he is in charge of the dialogue

Albin Kurti; Photo: Flickr / Europe Upf

PRISTINA – Kosovo Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, wrote a letter to US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo informing them on his decision to drop tariffs on Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina goods, Gazeta Express reported.

He also informed US President Trump and Secretary Pompeo that he will be in charge of leading the dialogue with Serbia.

According to Gazeta Express, Kurti informed Trump on the governing program and thanked the US on continuous support for Kosovo, as well as commitment towards creating economic opportunity, security, and lasting peace in the Balkans.

“My government and I are committed to resolving the remaining issues between the Republic of Kosovo and Serbia. We are convinced that this should be done within a process of dialogue, that would culminate with the mutual recognition of both states. We believe that this is an important path towards integration of Kosovo in the international community and obtaining a historical agreement that will create lasting peace, stability and security in the Balkans,” Kurti wrote in his letter.

Kurti said that on 15 March Government will begin to remove tariffs on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We do this as a gesture of diplomatic goodwill and to signal our commitment to working closely with the United States on the dialogue with Serbia. We hope that our action will be reciprocated by Belgrade, which we expect to remove all remaining non-barriers to trade with Kosovo as well as end its derecognition campaign against Kosovo,” Kurti said and called US and EU to establish monitoring and sanctioning mechanisms to ensure that both sides abide by commitments made in existing and future agreements between both sides

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