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Reactions to Commission’s updates: Time for EU to reach the positive decision

European Commission; Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – Officials of North Macedonia and Albania have praised the updates on their countries released by the European Commission today, urging the Member States to open accession negotiations with both countries.

„We have (yet again) intensified our efforts and „delivered further tangible and sustainable“ reform results. With the new methodology and this factual progress report, it is high time for the EU to also deliver a „tangible and sustainable“ decision to open accession negotiations“, Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia Nikola Dimitrov wrote on Twitter.

He said that North Macedonia has increased its efforts and delivered further tangible and sustainable results in the key areas identified in the Council Conclusions of June 2018, adding that consequently, the bases of the EC 2019 recommendation to open accession negotiations with North Macedonia remain valid.

Dimitrov’s Albanian counterpart Gent Cakaj also welcomed the updates and urged Member States to act upon them.

„The EU Commission has reconfirmed unconditional opening of accession talks with Albania. We have delivered on all reforms as required by June 2018 Council conclusions. It’s time for European Union to deliver. This is crucial for deepening reform momentum and enhancing EU’s role in Western Balkans,“ tweeted Cakaj, Albanian Minister For Foreign Affairs.

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretary-General Majlinda Bregu thanked European Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi and European Commission for support to Albania and North Macedonia.

„Thank you Olivér Várhely and the devoted team the support to Albania and North Macedonia in their accession path. Commission’s firm recommendation to start negotiations with North Macedonia remain valid,“ Bregu tweeted.

The European Commission published today a report on Albania and North Macedonia, noting the progress of the reform process and reiterating its position on opening negotiations for both countries.

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