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Kurti: Belgrade responds to our goodwill about tarrifs by stepping up its campaign against Kosovo’s recognition

Albin Kurti; Photo: Flickr / UPF International

PRISTINA – Prime Minister Albin Kurti assessed today that Belgrade has stepped up its campaign to withdraw Kosovo’s recognition in response to Kosovo’s initiative to partially abolish the 100 tariffs on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, wrote Kurti in a Facebook post, reports N1.

Kurti assessed that the Serbian government is responding to the goodwill in such a way “in order to create conditions for continuing dialogue and creating constructive relationships and engaging projects against Kosovo’s recognition”.

“I urge the Serbian authorities to cease this offensive and to abandon the destructive policy towards Kosovo and its statehood. I will also call on the relevant international factors, primarily the US and the EU as mediators of dialogue, to exert pressure on the Serbs to end hostile policy towards Kosovo” concluded Kurti.

Earlier today, the Serbian MFA  Ivica Dačić announced that  Sierra Leone had withdrawn recognition of Kosovo as an independent state, which, according to Dačić, would mean that Kosovo no longer has a majority in the United Nations anymore.

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