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Haradinaj’s AAK asks the Kosovo Minister of European Integration to resign over a statement on Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

Blerim Reka; Photo: Ministry of EU Integration of Kosovo

PRISTINA – The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), led by the former Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj, filed an interpellation to dismiss Minister of European Integration of Kosovo Blerim Reka over his statement that the Belgrade-Pristina agreement would imply that Serbia would receive an exit to the sea across Kosovo’s territory, Tanjug reports.

The Minister of European Integration of Kosovo Blerim Reka recently gave a TV interview in which he argued that Serbia would also benefit from an agreement with Pristina.

Faced with the backlash, Reka wrote on Facebook that the sentence was taken out of context and that only the second part of the answer to a question “Will Kosovo be required by the Washington agreement to give territory to Serbia?” was broadcasted.

“After my answer that I cannot answer hypothetical questions, but no one dares to give territory to the UN seat, the reporter insisted on an answer asking what we could then do for that UN seat, I said maybe as an eventual idea to allow Serbia to transit through our highway to the Adriatic Sea. So, something that has so far been allowed to Serbia and has been put forward as an idea even in the context of the Berlin Process since 2014. That is all, neither a decision nor a government position, but a personal opinion of mine given the concrete question of a concrete issue. Nothing more”, wrote Reka on Facebook.

Reka concluded that it was “dishonest of those who did not demand the resignation of the current President while negotiating territorial solutions with secret exchanges” now demand his resignation.

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