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Hoti: We would rather leave the coalition than break up the friendship with USA

Beograd - Pristina; Photo: EPA / Valdrin Xhemaj

PRISTINA –  Deputy Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, member of the Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (LDK) wrote in a Facebook post that the party would rather leave the coalition with Self-Determination than break up its friendship with the United States, reports N1. Hoti called on Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti to convene a cabinet session to decide on the abolition of a tariffs on products imported from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The government should meet to abolish the tariffs. We cannot remain hostage to a decision that was necessary, but now it is detrimental to Kosovo. Permanent friendship with the United States cannot be questioned. We guarantee that friendship. It is not in the interests of Kosovo citizens that friendship with the US is being questioned”, Hoti wrote.

He argues that if the friendship with the US would be harmed this would also harm the statehood of Kosovo.

Earlier today, LDK President Isa Mustafa said Kosovo’s relations with the US were “at a very delicate but critical stage” and called for an unconditional abolition of the tariffs on products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

LDK has taken a stance that the tariffs on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina should be fully abolished immediately.

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