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Spain deposits ratification document of the N. Macedonian NATO membership protocol to the State Department

WASHINGTON – Spain deposited ratification document of the North Macedonian NATO membership protocol to the US State Department. The State Department should now notify NATO members that all member states of the military alliance have deposited ratifications with the Office of Treaty Affairs. After receiving a letter from Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, this should be done by North Macedonia, after which the country and officials will become the 30th NATO member state, PlusInfo reports. Spanish Ambassador to the United States Santiago Cabanas, met with US Deputy Secretary of State Philip Reeker in the State Department last night and presented the original ratification document of the country’s Accession Protocol to NATO. The document was voted on in the Senate this week and signed by King of Spain Felipe VI. “Welcome to the NATO family,” wrote the Embassy of Spain in the US to North Macedonia and North Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement on Twitter.

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