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Montenegro joins EU mechanisms for joint procurement of medicines and medical supplies

Flags of Montenegro and EU; Photo: Nikola Ristić

PODGORICA – Government of Montenegro signed an Agreement on joint procurement of medicines, medical supplies and other goods yesterday.

By implementing this agreement, Montenegro, alongside the EU Member States, Iceland and Liechtenstein as well as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and North Macedonia, will become part of the mechanisms created by the EU to ensure faster, more efficient and rational procurement of medicines, medical supplies and other goods or services aimed at combating serious cross-border threats to health, the government’s press release reads.

“Congratulations to Montenegro for joining mechanism for joint procurement of medical supplies, getting medicine & equipment faster to citizens. This shows that is already part of the European family”, tweeted Aivo Orav EU Ambassador to Montenegro.

Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simović, who signed the Agreement on behalf of the Government of Montenegro, stressed that this time and this crisis should show and confirm the strength, solidarity and idea of a united Europe and true commitment to making the family of European nations and states larger and stronger with the new members and with Montenegro as the next EU member state.

“The decisive and responsible measures taken by the Government of Montenegro in a timely manner, the devoted day-to-day work of all competent institutions, and especially the understanding and discipline of citizens, strengthened by the exceptional solidarity of citizens of Montenegro, entrepreneurs, diaspora, EU and international friends, are already yielding results and show that we are up the challenge of global proportions,” Simović said.

The EU has allocated emergency support in medical equipment worth 3 million euros and 50 million in long-term assistance to address the effects of the pandemic in the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

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